“The heartfelt counsel of a friend is as sweet as perfume and incense” Prov 27:9 NLT


It seems to me that safe people are as scarce as safe places. Who or what is a safe person?It is someone in whose presence you can open your heart. It is someone with whom you can just be yourself without fearing that he or she will use it against you. A safe person will always protect your integrity in front of others – and always enjoys speaking to God about you.

Shedding tears is a gift from God to wash our insides clean of hurt and pain. But our tears are not safe with everyone. Some see it as a sign of weakness, or an inability to stare life bravely in the eyes. How great that the Lord made some people so free that they are safe havens for those around them. With these folks you can be fragile and broken. And even sensitive. In their presence you find healing for you tired soul!

Do you know safe people? Cherish them! Thank God over and over for them. Are you someone like this? Not? Then get to know Romans 12 – learn how to mourn with those who are mourning and to rejoice with those who are rejoicing. There you will also learn how to associate with the humble and to dry the tears of others.


PRAYER: Dear Lord, thank you for the gift of friendship. Help us Father to be safe havens in this sad and distressed world. Please minister to our hearts today and show us the things within us that we need to change for ourselves, for others and for You! Sometimes it is easier to be a safe haven to people we know but today Lord, we pray you will take us to places where we need to be safe havens for people we don’t know. We are the Body of Christ and we pray an anointed blessing rest upon us so that we may be Your hands and feet. We give You all the glory, all the praise and we say this morning to You Father , We love You! Amen x