For us Worship has two parts:

1. Proskuneo – meaning an act of homage. Psalm 95:1-7

2. Latreuo – meaning: Service. Romans 12:1-2 – So we believe we are called to both worship in the assembly of North Rand (love God) and to reach out in service to others (love our neighbors).



We believe that there are two concepts of FAMILY in scripture, namely:

1. OIKOS – meaning a dwelling or a household. 1 Timothy 5: 4-8

2. PARTRIA – meaning people who are spiritually related to God. Ephesians 3: 14-19




At North rand we believe that there are three concepts of Bible Intimacy in Scripture to help us grow in Truth, namely:

1. GINOSKO – meaning to come to know. John 13:7-17

2. OIDA -meaning to have seen or perceived. Matthew 6:7-8

3. GNOSIS -meaning a seeking to know. Ephesians 3: 16-19

Therefore; we encourage all our members to commit to study of the bible and offer opportunity to learn in the proclamation of the Word during Worship services, to fellowship and Discipleship around the Word in small groups such as HOME groups, Fathers, Ladies fellowship and Bible study groups. We also encourage the living out of this knowledge by Ministry and Evangelism.



We Believe that there are two Kinds of Basic PRAYER: Private Prayer and Public Prayer. Both should reflect the four concepts of Prayer:

1. EUCHOMAI – meaning to Pray to God for things that could be. John 17: 9-12

2. PROSEUCHOMAI – meaning to pray in the Spirit. Romans 8: 26-28

3. EROTAO – meaning to make request.

4. DEOMAI – meaning to beseech for ourselves and others.And so for us PRAYER is not just “the practice of the presence of God, it is the realisation of HIS Presence”




We understand that there are three concepts of Encouragement in scripture, namely:

1. PROTREPO – meaning to urge forward. Acts 18:27

2. PARANUTHEOMAI – meaning to stimulate to faithful discharge of duty. 1 Thessalonians 2:11

3. PARAKLESIS – meaning to comfort. Hebrews 6:17-20

We believe we are to urge others to accept God’s free gift of Grace; to encourage each other to service and to comfort and exhort one another.



At North Rand we understand that the concept of Community in Scripture namely KOINONIA, which has three meanings: – Having in Common – Participation – Fellowship recognised and enjoyed. Acts 2: 44-47

Thus for us KOINONIA is expressed in three ways:

1. Participation and sharing in the knowledge of God.

2. Realisation of the effects of the blood of Christ.

3. The Practical Effects of Fellowship with God