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The broken chains ministry is for those who are bound by chains of:
* Addiction, physical (drugs, alcohol, food etc.) 
* Emotional battles and bondage
* Spiritual Weakness
* Hopelessness
* Fear
* Self loathing
* Unforgiveness


Broken Chains offers a close experience of God’s healing, which only God can do. As brothers and sisters in Christ we serve one another in Broken Chains by providing a safe place where you can:
* Share your burdens without being judged, receive love and support and see God’s Grace at work.
* Experience God’s Spiritual and Physical healing
* Receive spiritual support
* Receive the peace, joy and hope God has to offer each one of us, the peace we all seek
* Receive prayers that you need
* Heal through servitude
* Ultimately, you will find your true value, as God shows how valuable you are.


All things shared are strictly kept confidential.


If you would like more information or would like to join, you may contact the office for Rikus Jansen’s contact details:; 011 462 1547