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We believe that belonging to a small group is essential in our growth as Christians. There are so many benefits to finding a small group where true intimate fellowship can take place and where the meaning of Koionia (Community) can be expressed.

In a small group you will, no doubt experience the three L’s;
1. Learning
In a small group, you get to know God in a relaxed and informal environment. You also learn what God wants for you in your life and where you fit into the body of Christ.

2. Loving
As you fellowship with one another on a regular basis, you will begin too form a relationship with people in the group and start to share on a more personal level. This, in turn brings people in the group to support, care and love each other. This is where you express love.

3. Leaning
At some time in your life you may need someone to lean on. The best person is Jesus Christ our Lord. Then, on earth He has shown us in the bible that all Christians must encourage one another when they face difficulty, or when one backslides.


There are a number of small groups which you can get involved with. to find out more about these and to begin your journey with your small group, please contact